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About the "net" washing equipment brand statement
Source: www.gdlijing.cn     Date: 2015-11-02    View: 1226

Net washing machinery co., LTD., guangzhou force of brand is washing the industry owner, and calls for consumers to report counterfeit product. 
In 2011, my company by the state administration for industry and commerce of the People's Republic of China formally registered the trademark review, trademark certificates issued by the state trademark office, become the only owner of the brand. Registered number 10876641 categories for 7 categories, small classes including dry cleaners; Industrial washing machine; Drying machine; Laundry dryer; Mechanical stage; Ironing machine; Rotary dryer; Electronic industrial equipment; Textile machine and so on, and all the washing and dewatering machine and dryer function of washing products, fixed number of year of the registration for the 2012 -- -- -- -- -- - in 2022, the above information can the trademark office in the country's official website can query, land net of China's trademark, the trademark of the trademark, comprehensive query entered. 
After obtained a registered trademark of the brand of washing equipment, guangzhou power net washing machinery co., LTD., become the only domestic company for the right to use trademarks, is protected by trademark law of the state. For other businesses use with our company on the same or similar goods registered trademark identical with or similar to the trademarks and other ACTS of infringement of trademark, our company will entrust the local administrative department for industry and commerce administrative disposal request, or to the local court tort litigation. 
To appear on the market at present is illegal infringement, our company will retain the illegal evidence and infringement, submitted to relevant departments at the appropriate time, and severely punish illegal infringement phenomenon. These fake brands appear in more economically developed cities in China, although the quantity is not many, but a wide range of influence, the serious infringement of the legitimate interests of our company. Counterfeit brand not only infringes the interests of the consumers, but also serious damage of guangzhou power net washing machinery co., LTD. Brand reputation. My company will be stepping up his efforts, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of trademark against infringement, to safeguard consumer interests. 
We also advise washing industry colleagues have self-discipline. Immediately stop all illegal infringement activities. Also wash a good and orderly market competition environment. 
For any individuals and companies, fabricating facts, distorted the facts, for my company for libel and disinformation, our company will keep using legal means, shall be investigated for their legal responsibility! 
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