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Net brand industrial washing machines are exported to southeast Asian countries
Source: www.gdlijing.cn     Date: 2015-11-02    View: 1239

Recently by our company production of industrial washing machine, dryer, ironing machine, a complete set of hotel laundry equipment has arrived in the customs, after waiting for customs inspection, will send to customer. Our company specializing in the production of large washing machine, laundry equipment, iron machine, high efficiency and energy saving the wrinkles, dry cleaners, industrial machine, washing and so on. Sold well all over the country and exported to Europe, South America, Africa and other regions, covering the hotel hotels, schools, hospitals, military, professional water companies, and other fields, welcome new and old customers come to negotiate business!

We would like to thank for the cooperation collapsed Wppkdd hotel supplies, because of you, my power net company before docking with the southeast Asian customers, finally pushed into this business, for southeast Asia customers can enjoy our industrial washing machine, all kinds of products for its various services.

Though this hotel laundry equipment is my company since its establishment one of many equipment export to other countries, the entire supply scale is smaller, but exports to southeast Asia cao bang province was the first time. This for our products in the area of the market development provides the convenience.

Here I southeast Asia customer confidence and trust in our company, we also believe that my company's products can bring you a high production efficiency, convenient manipulation of the senses, for your laundry business, provide strong backing. Guangzhou force net washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. In the future will have for the product development and production of the perspective of customers, innovation of science and technology, energy conservation and environmental protection is our production concept!

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