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How to deal with noise industrial dehydrating dehydrated
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If you live every day in a noisy environment, so your life must be collapsed. Recently one of my clients called reflect their laundry equipment problems, he is their industrial machine dehydration when noise is more and more big, their staff all noisy worry dead. Ask our technicians to have a solution to the problem of the noise since customers have reflect the problem, if we don't go to solve the problem, so we are really sorry the customer. All right! Get the subject:

Industrial dehydrating noise problem is one of our daily industrial washing machine repair process problem, a lot of old customers find whether household washing machine or after industrial washing machine with long, the noise will be more and more big, what reason be? We first open industrial washing machine, check the following questions.

 One, the main shaft of the rubber sealing ring, the two spindle oil bearing, bearing on either side of the waveform gaskets. General situation is likely to be used for a long time after, sealing ring damaged, waveform gaskets damage of oil bearing, bearing was broken can't normal wheelbase internal rotation. Install all the parts off the new spare parts such as bearings, electric test.

Second, if noise is bigger, we enter the next step test, check whether four suspension damping rod balance, balance correction after electrify test, still did not solve the problem, check the dry barrels, in case power industrial washing machine, shaking dry barrels, found that water flow, shows that interlayer containing water, this time, our washing machine can be placed horizontally, with fine hole drill edge symmetric drilling on industrial washing machine, all the water out. Again electrify test, and problem solving.

In fact, a lot of problems are improper operation caused by our staff, as long as we usually pay more attention when operating the machine, check equipment, regular maintenance and maintenance equipment, there is no problem.

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