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Hotel laundry equipment in the washing method of maintenance
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Hotel laundry equipment of the automatic washing maintenance method! A lot of laundry staff are not not pay attention to the maintenance of the laundry equipment. Because they are think, as long as our equipment can work don't need maintenance, so the idea is wrong. Because if you don't do regular maintenance of equipment, we can his life will reduce, will reduce work efficiency. Then today net washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Guangzhou force small make up in the hotel laundry equipment gave you talk about washing the offline maintenance method.


Add the hydraulic oil water separator:


Operating points: fully automatic elution oil water separator to add hydraulic oil:


Fault phenomenon: electromagnetic valve can't open, easy damage, short service life.


Do not add the hydraulic oil within the cause of the problem: the oil-water separator, solenoid valve, drain valve oil shortage can't open.


Solution: add the hydraulic oil in oil-water separator.


Correct operation: automatic washing before use, add the hydraulic oil separator.


Come on:


Operating points: fully automatic elution machinist fixed pumps refueling operations should be regulated:


Fault phenomenon: bearing fever, more easily damaged, short service life.


The cause of the problem: could not correct specification to add oil and the use of pumps.


Solution: selection of grease lithium base grease or 0 # 3 # lithium base grease and oil mixture of oil and petrol pump every time oil must be pressed his hand to the end.


Correct operation: according to the instructions manual, correct choose use pumps oil and specification.


To clean:


Operating point: often need to use hot water washing soap box, inside the soap box no residue.


Fault phenomenon: soap into outer cylinder is not smooth, outer cylinder corrosion intensifies.


The cause of the problem: the soap residue accumulation, and has certain corrosion resistance.


Solution: use hot water washing soap box, ensure soap box without leaving residue.


Correct operation: washing, after the completion of every day with hot water washing soap box.


Washing clothes before the inspection:


Operating points: fully automatic washing wash cloth grass, be sure to remember: to check whether there is sundry cloth grass!


Fault phenomenon: the inner cylinder is slashed, cloth grass such as scraping the broken phenomenon.


The cause of the problem: laundry equipment rotor cage with metal foreign body.


Solution: remove metal foreign body inside the cage.


Correct operation: before wash cloth grass, be sure to remember to remove clothing inclusion in clutter or table cloth inside fragments of the shark fin, bones, etc.

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