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What kind of industrial washing machine is frequency conversion strength?
Source: www.gdlijing.cn     Date: 2015-11-12    View: 1451

What kind of industrial washing machine is frequency conversion strength? Wash than in that one on the core issue of concern to consumers, emperor of the advantage of frequency conversion washing machine and where is it? On March 12, in the emperor factory line depth experience media communication during the meeting, reporters to emperor of washing machine series of enthusiasm, nearly let trainer "overwhelmed", and this round after round to "collective torture", has opened for us "frequency conversion power" emperor of the washing machine.

Emperor frequency conversion washing machine, really more "intelligent" than the other washing machine?

Emperor as a leader in high-end frequency conversion washing machine, we first asked the emperor of the difference between the "frequency" and other brand washing machines. Trained teacher's explanation, the reporter understands, emperor degree of washing machine frequency conversion of the biggest characteristics is "pure intelligence", namely more "intelligent" than other washing machine.

In inherited and accumulated "intelligent control", "half fuzzy control" and "all the artificial intelligence fuzzy control" mature technology experience after three generations of the washing machine, washing machine emperor degrees introduced the industry's most advanced new generation of variable frequency technology - "pure intelligence frequency". The technology will mature hefei sanyo motor electronic control technology and the top of the full computer fuzzy control technology in combination with each other, through the manipulation of the PC board on the basis of original increase of program-controlled computer frequency conversion motor, realized the "dual-core" control, let the washing machine is really learn to "think". Emperor of washing machine can according to the needs of different clothes and washing condition, intelligently output speed and torque of the power, the traditional "mechanical" into "bionic" motivation.

Emperor frequency conversion washing machine, washing machine is more than others really "frugal"?

Countries vocate green home appliance, implementing energy saving subsidy policy of household appliances, the reporters to "torture", of course, the emperor of the power consumption of the washing machine. But in the middle of the emperor degrees of washing machine trainer, "emperor of frequency conversion washing machine is a 'stingy' guy, did very well in terms of energy saving".

Originally, because the emperor adopts intelligent frequency conversion motor, according to the washing capacity:, water, washing time to adjust at any time. Cooperate with the dynamic of water-saving washing machine itself and period of water level segmentation and double water washing, water cycle design and so on four big technology, emperor degrees of frequency conversion washing machine and other washing machine than it can save 40% of energy consumption. Through the measured, emperor of washing machine laundry under standard procedure consumes only 0.07 KWH, 1 KWH can wash 14 times clothes, supranational level of energy efficiency standards.

Frequency conversion washing machine, washing machine is more than others "quiet"?

A home appliance from Beijing media reporter asked: "now a lot of people because of work busy during the day, used to wash the clothes at night, but the noise often bring you trouble. Emperor degrees laundry washing machine is more quiet than other opportunity?"

With this problem, the emperor of the washing machine in the training division explaining to gave you a present. "Ordinary motor speed is usually directly from zero to high speed, especially when the washing machine dehydration, speed span is big, very easily lead to violent vibration and noise. But using intelligent washing machine emperor degrees of frequency conversion technology can realize the soft start, the motor speed can be gradually improved by zero, not violent shaking, run more smoothly."

"That is there any data to prove that the emperor degrees of washing machine quiet?" Facing reporters cross-examine, emperor of trainer took out a set of data like this: "after emperor washing machine factory actual testing, frequency conversion washing machine to take off the bucket rotate more smoothly, and washing machines can make appropriate adjustments according to clothes weight. Finally, the emperor of intelligent frequency conversion washing machine actually only 48 decibel noise, than ordinary washing machine noise are adopted to decrease at least 20 decibels, supranational level standard."

Emperor frequency conversion washing machine, really more "efficient" than the other washing machine?

"Wash" is when consumers choose the washing machine an important reference data. But frequency conversion washing machine motor is not like ordinary washing machine keeps running at full speed, it can wash clothes? In the face of such questions, emperor of washing machine and how to do it?

Washing machine trainer said emperor degree, although is not always high speed frequency conversion washing machine, but depend on the precise adjustment technology, can fully guarantee reasonable catharsis, improve washing evenness. Its built-in variable frequency drive control module can implement thick clothes wash hard, thin clothes gently wash effect. "Wash his clothes on is by no means a" brute force ", instead of a brute force it will damage the clothes. And by 'fine intelligence frequency conversion technology, the emperor did real-time adjustment and precise control. Through the test, the emperor of the washing machine wash the ratio as high as 0.9, far supranational level of energy efficiency."

"Emperor degree air wash what is technology? Instant washing?... emperor degrees of magic wash?" Of the emperor, one is reporter concern of the factory line depth experience are carried on the detailed communication media communication meeting.

"Emperor of washing machine frequency conversion strength really liked!" At the end of the seminar, a senior home appliances from Beijing reporter sincerely sighs.

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