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Daily check and maintenance of ironing machine rollers
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Last time we Shared a article said that iron machine roller is the heart of iron machine, there is nothing wrong with this other words at all, because of the wrinkles in the whole machine operation and operation is achieved through the ironing machine rollers, about ironing machine you can click on the link to check the design principle of today's net washing machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Guangzhou force technology, small make up the inspection of the ironing machine rollers according to you talk about and how to maintain the wrinkles machine rollers.

Ironing machine roller maintenance work

1, ironing machines, both inside and outside, the sliding surface, lead screw, rack, gear box, the place such as oil hole without oil, the parts do not leak, do not leak, equipment around the iron filings, debris and dirt to clean.

2, abide by rules of safe operation, do not overload use equipment, complete and reliable protection device, in a timely manner to eliminate not safety factor.

3, blowing on a regular basis to control the dust in the cabinet, to prevent dust contactors and circuit fault.

4, have a yearly maintenance, check the degree of wear and tear parts, each part filling lubricating oil regularly.

5, ironing machine reducer for the first time use after 100 hours to change clean the internal gear oil, after changing new oil every 2500 hours to change again.

Ironing machine roller body check

1, monthly check smooth roller rotation.

2, monthly check of sprocket and chain alignment, adjustment in time, and add lubricating oil to the chain.

3, daily check whether the conveyor belt is loose, and adjust in time.

4, monthly check conveyor belt, stretched, and adjust in time.

5, daily check whether the motor and reducer is abnormal.

6, check the iron machine connection reliability of the transmission parts, if there is a loose screw.

7, carefully remove the inside of the dirt, foreign bodies, etc., to ensure that the conveyor belt friction is reliable.

If you want your laundry equipment can live longer than some of the equipment daily check and maintenance work is cannot little, ironing machine, in particular, because iron machine staff before operating equipment had failed to thoroughly check that equipment and the equipment failure, we reported the event many times. Hope everybody the laundry staff. Don't make fun of his own life. Do security check.

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