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Buy three roller iron machine need to pay attention to what matters
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Changes along with the development of the industrial age, the big increase in demand for service industry. Many hotels are configured with its own laundry, bought their own laundry equipment, so the wrinkles machine volume is one of the largest equipment as the laundry equipment. Is the hotel will not is in the laundry room. Ironing machine with constant change and improvement of industrial science and technology, ironing machine is also great changes have taken place. Have the final wrinkles in slot machine to the present wrinkles in three roller machine, choose the biggest current laundry or wrinkles in three roller machine, working efficiency of the wrinkles in three roller machine, of course, while high, but his price is very high, so our hotel procurement staff is better attention. Son buy iron machine must be carefully see clear when ironing machine is after-sales service and the quality of the manufacturer.

1, for iron manufacturing factory management level and service capabilities of the following five factors.

2, whether the quality management level, through the ISO9000 certification.

3, enterprise technical force, quality of employees.

4, enterprise equipment state, whether to have modern processing methods and mass production ability.

5, product sales and after-sales service capacity.

6, enterprise's status and the subordination of one main product, and so on.

Second, the product performance:

1, appearance quality, appearance is beautiful, whether overall generous, surface process is perfect or not. Ironing machine overall layout whether reasonable, whether structure layout is arranged neatly, distinct, conform to the requirements of the stiffness.

2, the machine reliability, foundation structure design is reasonable, assembly, whether good, excellent parts, components, manufacturing process, whether there is a jerry-built phenomenon, the surface is done corresponding anticorrosive processing, the brand of basic devices used, including the pressure control device, temperature controller, motors, electrical appliances, transmission device and so on whether to adopt the brand product, brand or import product.

3, operation performance, the control system is convenient, higher degree of automation, the system is reliable, can be selectively is better, and to have state judge self-checking function, operation simple, clear, with functions of man-machine dialogue and sound and light alarm various security measures, and the wrinkles machine failure-free operation cycle is long, end of sudden failure, when ironing machine running stable, strong anti-interference ability. Lower noise, vibration, etc., and has perfect safety protection measures.

4, operating cost, basic energy, lower the consumption of water, electricity, gas, and lubricating wax powder utilization, ironing machine, reliable operation, high efficiency, low failure rate, maintenance costs low.

5, the whole machine performance, by the equipment of domestic or foreign advanced standard should be rated index comparison discriminant, equipment advanced, reflected in the indicators advanced.

3, the wrinkles in the machine design and manufacturing technology

1, the product of the advanced design idea and implementation standards.

2, the rationality of the product manufacturing process method and advanced process equipment.

3, the product of the production process management and control.

4, if batch production, finalize the design production, product molding and the degree of standardization.

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