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Why hot ironing machine out of the object is not flat?
Source: www.gdlijing.cn     Date: 2015-11-25    View: 1324

In after-sales department received a new customer to our after-sales technical call said: they the hotel laundry ironing machine found no wrinkles in the sheets when ironing machine, so he doubt that wrinkles in our machine has a problem? Actually happened mainly because of the condition of the laundry staff without wrinkles in good learning machine operation knowledge. Let's analyze the uneven why ironing iron machine?

Unreasonable structure of main reason is because of ironing machine, ironing machine requires drive transmission part of the precision of calculation, on the one hand, the temperature of the cylinder, a job can lead to very hot, too low, very hot out feel is not good. The wrinkles of relaxation degree also affects the ironing machine hot effect.

Like this response problem of the customer is not in minority, mainly they are the wrinkles in the whole machine was not familiar with operation process, though, our company technical personnel have to each customer a detailed equipment operation training, but will still have a lot of customers don't know, if have not clear and don't know the related knowledge of iron machine customer, you can call to our company.

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